How does hypnosis work?

Your mind works on two levels, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind levels. You make decisions, think, and act with your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is like the hard drive of your computer – it’s the part of your mind that runs those programs that we call habits. The subconscious mind is also in charge of protecting you and keeping you safe. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis, we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind and help it to change its program and patterning to develop newer, healthier habits and behaviours. That’s why it can appear to be so quick and easy to change lifelong beliefs and habits using hypnotic techniques.
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Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is completely safe, it is a relaxing and an enjoyable experience and hypnosis works with the way the mind naturally works. You are still conscious, aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. Hypnosis is not sleep, nor can you get “stuck” in a state of hypnosis. If an emergency were to arise while you are hypnotised you can easily become fully alert and attend to the emergency and get yourself to safety. You may remember virtually everything or very little after your session – it is an individual and unique experience. You can’t be made to do something against your will! So….no worries about being turned into a chicken! :-)

Will I know if I’m hypnotised?

Most people can’t tell the difference between the hypnotised state and the waking state. Some people feel relaxed and lethargic, others feel a sort of lightness and others may even feel super alert. For many it feels much like just before you fall asleep at night and you’re lying in bed feeling half awake, half asleep and very relaxed, you know that twighlight state? Whichever way you feel, you will always be in control. You won’t be asleep or “zonked out” although you do feel very calm and relaxed after the session. You will hear your practitioner talking to you, as well as any background sounds or noises. One thing that people do notice is either a dramatic or a subtle change in their daily behaviour!

What makes you different, why should I come to you?

As Qualified, Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapists, and Coaches as well as Sharon’s qualifications and experience as a Kinesiologist, we can draw on our knowledge of the power of the mind and access a large pool of resources and tools to bring you a more wholisitc and integrated approach for faster, longer lasting results. (Click here to view our qualifications) We are part of a network of leading specialists using an effective system to help you “…..Reach Your Ideal Weight” and learn to maintain it. This is a powerful system that has worked for thousands of people, just like you, and we are absolutely committed to helping you “Reach Your Ideal Weight” . (Bear in mind that not all …Reach Your Ideal Weight Hypnosis Practitioners are actually qualified or government accredited hypnotherapists)

How is your program different to any other diet?

Our program is not a diet. A diet by definition is any system that attempts to exert external control over what, where, when or how much you eat. By restricting what you eat, your body instinctively goes into semi-starvation mode. When you diet and reduce your calorie intake your body will naturally and instinctively lower your metabolism and lay down more fat as a way of preservation.
We use advanced hypnosis techniques so we can help you to reprogram your sub-conscious mind to eat when your body needs to and stop when your hunger has been satisfied allowing you to finally break free from the yo-yo diet cycle. We also use a revolutionary Hypnotherapy session to help you reset your “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” and ignite your “Fat-Furnace-Flame”.
Our program is ideal for almost everyone, it is not a weight loss diet, it is not a gruelling exercise program and may be suitable REGARDLESS of how much weight you wish to shed, or gain, in order to reach and maintain your ideal weight.coaching. And best of all in many cases only 1 hypnosis session is required.However if you do require other sessions the costs of those session are reduced.

I’ve tried many ways to lose weight, none of them have worked long term, why is that?

The reason why nothing has worked long term is because you’ve possibly done the same thing over and over again; you’ve repeatedly starved yourself with dieting. The only thing you’ve changed is the recipe or the weight loss program provider. If what you have done in the past hasn’t worked, you need to do something different. According to Albert Einstein; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Let us help you get back to basics; replace your old unhelpful patterns, install healthy eating habits and address any emotional obstacles.You are probably still believing in many of the myths still circulating today about dieting and weight loss, and healthy eating in fact. The simple answer is that diets just don’t work, at least long term anyway!

What if I’m really overweight or really underweight?

Our program can assist you even if you are really overweight, only have a few kilos to lose, or are even very underweight as it is not a diet or weight loss program. Rather it is about showing you how to get back to basics; helping you to replace your old unhelpful patterns, install healthy eating habits and address any emotional obstacles that are preventing you from reaching and maintaining your ideal weight – whether you wish to lose or gain weight.

How long will it take?

It usually takes just one hypnotherapy session (please allow up to 2 hours for this initial session) and any further Hypnotherapy/ coaching sessions to assist you to integrate all this information. the price for these sessions are reduced to help you to continue to achieve you weight loss goal.

How much does it cost?

Our unique “7 Step Reach your Ideal Weight” Program will cost ONLY $645 for 4 Sessions, Plus many extras.

Where are you located?

We have our main clinic in Perth,  Fremantle and a consulting room in the Joondalup area of Ocean Reef. Please visit our contact us page for more information.

When are you open?

Normal operating hours for sessions are: Monday to Friday 10.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm.

How do I get started?

Pick up the phone and call Dave now on 0424 900 427
 Alternatively you may like to contact us through our contact page .