Our Unique Hypnotherapy Sessions


These Hypnotherapy sessions are very successful, during which time our clients put into practice what they “learn” about how to reach their ideal weight during their initial session with us, and learning how to succeed long term in their goal of reaching and maintaining their Ideal Weight! Clients are provided with tools, resources and coupled with their initial session in order to assist them to reach their ideal weight.
Disclaimer – Individual results may vary and depend on your specific circumstances.
Guideposts: guideposts are your agreed upon and realistic weight loss goals or targets that you set with your …7 Step Reach Your Ideal Weight Specialist for specific periods during your 12 month program. These targets are set for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. So, for example, you may decide that you would like to lose 20 kilos over a 12 month period. That is approximatley 1.67kg per month. So your guideposts would be: 1 week – 420gm loss, 1 month – 1.67kg loss, 3 months – 5.01kg loss, 6 months – 10.02kg loss, 9 months – 15.03kg loss and 12 months – 20.04kg loss. Remember these will be agreed upon by yourself and your specialist and they will be healthy, realistic goals. You might decide you would like to take more time to reach your goal and we can set your guideposts around this as well..

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